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This online forum is for anyone interested in the NuCoal debacle, the bizarre story of how the NSW Government tried to rout its own corrupt politicians and ended up also punishing many of the people who built the company and NuCoal’s 3,400 shareholders instead of its own rotten apples. As if to teach a lesson for its own failings it confiscated Nucoal Limited’s Doyle’s Creek licence despite them being properly gained as part of an approved ASX listing. The shareholders did their investments, the directors spent millions fighting to seek justice for shareholders, NSW rushed through special legislation preventing compensation, the corrupt walked free, and the state lost a huge new underground coal mine. It seems City Hall can now legally grant you property, and politically strip it at whim.

Is corruption worse than theft? Both are abuses of power, and neither is more honorable. It's a dark night for justice in NSW and will be until compensation is paid for what has been done.

Please use this website in anyway you see fit in promotion of this aim, alert your friends and other shareholders, post your own media, comments and essays and take the opportunity to take the fight for this unforgivable act back to those who did it – the Government of NSW.

Last time government walked all over miners, the miners won out. Wave the Flag to protect private property rights of innocent citizens and demand compensation for the theft of the Doyles Creek Coal Project! Premier Baird we haven’t gone away and we aren’t going to. Do the right thing, please.

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ICAC denies duty to reveal exculpatory material

Ipp 1

NSW’s anti-­corruption agency ­believes it is not required to disclose material that tends to exonerate those who are facing corruption inquiries. The Independent Commission Against Corruption believes disclosing exculpatory material is ­impractical because it would ­require the agency to reveal all of the information it assembles about people under investigation. ...

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Private property under attack as Baird ignores rule of law

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird

by Chris Merritt The Australian. NSW Premier Mike Baird. The planned closure of the greyhound industry will destroy part of the NSW economy estimated to be worth $335m Mike Baird’s state government likes to portray itself as a friend of business. But if it is truly committed to strengthening the ...

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ICAC’s ongoing smear shows need for reform

Ipp 2

Former NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption commissioner David Ipp, in his response to the review of that agency by its independent inspector, knows of no one whose reputation has been undeservedly trashed by the commission. Not one single person. He refers to several people, including former State Emergency Service commissioner ...

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