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Alan Jones continues to push the compensation issue for NuCoal shareholders

During his last week on air, Alan Jones spoke with a NuCoal shareholder and continued to express his concerns about the lack of action by the NSW Government to compensate innocent NuCoal shareholders. Listen to the broadcast here: https://omny.fm/shows/the-alan-jones-breakfast-show/alan-jones-full-show-podcast-26th-may-2020?t=22m39s

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NuCoal asks shareholders for support

NuCoal has written to shareholders and asked them to send letters to NSW Cabinet Ministers about what the Government plans to do regarding compensation. The letter can be viewed on NuCoal’s website at: http://ecomms.linkgroup.com/liveview/Email/GetEmail/4d79d783-a8be-44e8-93ca-e299c2c02cf5/7714e2b7-15c4-481f-a05d-da2517961c12?LDC_NM=View+Online+Link

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Crucial decision for misconduct in public office

Repercussions from a brief hearing yesterday in the NSW Supreme Court are set to affect every politician and public official. The circumstances in which they risk criminal prosecution over decisions that bestow benefits are now more certain. This will act as a long-overdue guide for anti-corruption commissions whose work, until ...

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Appeals Court gives ministers clear view of the law

Ministers in every government — state and federal — are the biggest winners from yesterday’s courtroom victory in NSW by Ian Macdonald and John Maitland. They now have the benefit of bright-line guidance on exactly what sort of decisions will amount to the criminal offence of misconduct in public office. The ...

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