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When mud sticks … cost of ICAC’s rough justice

Prejudice: Chris Merritt,  The Australian, November 06, 2015 When David Levine examined the horrific way in which the NSW justice system treated Newcastle businessman Andrew Poole he did not mince his words. “This outcome represents the dysfunctionality and contradictions that exist in the environment of corruption and investigation in this ...

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ICAC head Megan Latham gets a ‘please explain’ over Macdonald

by: CHRIS MERRITT,  The Australian, November 03, 2015 The head of the NSW anti-corruption agency, Megan Latham, has been asked to explain why she has refused to lift a suppression order preventing former state mining minister Ian Macdonald revealing what he told the agency in submissions.  The request for an ...

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ICAC’s Megan Latham: witness exams like pulling wings off butterflies

 The head of the NSW anti-corrup­tion watchdog, Megan Latham, was put on notice in June that she faced a possible adverse ­report due to complaints after she had likened the examination of witnesses at ICAC to “pulling the wings off butterflies”. But when she was asked to provide a statement, ...

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Watchdog refused to probe SMH leak complaint

The NSW corruption watchdog ICAC refused to investigate an official complaint about its organisation leaking to The Sydney Morning Herald. Former Liberal NSW energy and resources minister Chris Hart­cher has sent a letter of complaint to ICAC inspector David Levine calling for former commissioner David Ipp’s conduct to be investigated ...

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Barrister blasts ICAC prosecution power plan

Prominent barrister Charles ­Waterstreet has denounced moves to grant the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption the power to initiate criminal prosecutions. “There should be an intervening prosecution body that can independently assess the value of the investigation,” Mr Waterstreet said. “Investigators have a dog in the race but if you ...

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Mike Baird bill on ICAC powers not what Nick Greiner intended

NSW Premier Mike Baird should pick up the telephone and talk to one of his predecessors, Nick Greiner, about the Independent Commission Against Corruption. When Greiner created ICAC he had a very clear view that this arm of the executive branch of government should not have the power to initiate ...

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