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ICAC’s secret government talks

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has been authorised by law to engage in undisclosed communications with the state government during the course of its inquiries, according to a draft report to state parliament. The draft report, which has been prepared by ICAC Inspector Bruce McClintock SC, rejects accusations of ...

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ICAC withheld evidence: Phelps

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has been accused in state parliament of withholding exculpatory evidence that undermined the core of its corruption finding against jailed former Labor minister Ian Macdonald. The Liberal Party’s Peter Phelps told the state’s upper house this week that key parts of the exculpatory material ...

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The Hon. Dr Peter Phelps – Speech in Parliament (14/02/2018)

The following speech was given The Hon. Dr Peter Phelps in the Legislative Council of Parliament on 14 February 2018. The Hon. Dr PETER PHELPS (16:58): I congratulate the Treasurer and Premier for the excellent budget. However, I have concerns that, while appearing to be somewhat circuitous, potentially have hundreds of millions ...

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NuCoal case key to US FTA deal

Much has been written in the past few years about free trade agreements. Most recently the federal government has taken a leadership position in concluding Trans Pacific Partnership Mark 2 (which is the old TPP without the US), and has been extolling its virtues. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop encouraged US President Donald ...

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Craig Ransley: Evidence withheld by ICAC

If Craig Ransley is right, the main reason he is not in prison is the change in approach that has taken place at the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption. ICAC found Mr Ransley corrupt in 2013 and later provided evidence to the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions that had been ...

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