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Letter to the Editor of Newcastle Herald from Glen Lewis, Non-Executive Director of NuCoal Resources Ltd

Glen Lewis, Non-Executive Director of NuCoal Resources Ltd letter to the Editor in response to an article published by the Newcastle Herald titled “Minister silent on NuCoal” on Monday 19 March 2018 by Joanne McCarthy which contains factual errors I am writing on behalf of the 3000 NuCoal shareholders, including the ...

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NuCoal seizure by NSW casts pall over US tariff talks

The NSW government’s expropriation of US-owned assets worth $131 million threatens to complicate Australia’s efforts to be exempted from threatened tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium. The expropriation by NSW was raised by the Americans during last month’s talks in Washington between Trade Minister Steve Ciobo and US Trade ...

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ICAC ruling puts a criminal cloud over ministerial discretion

At least one member of the NSW parliament has twigged to the implications of last year’s conviction of former Labor minister Ian Macdonald for misconduct in public office. The Liberal Party’s Peter Phelps spelled out those implications on Tuesday in a statement to the state’s upper house that should send ...

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Barry O’Farrell victim looks to Trump for NuCoal redress

The welfare of a wheelchair-bound girl in Newcastle might not have been a priority for the NSW government when it expropriated coal exploration licences four years ago. But there is a growing view that it should have been. When that decision was made, it was portrayed by former premier Barry ...

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Speech in the Federation Chamber by Joel Fitzgibbon (27/02/18)

Mr FITZGIBBON (Hunter) (16:06): I rise today in support of the 500 people in my electorate who had shares in the listed company NuCoal. People will be surprised by me raising the issue of NuCoal, because members would know NuCoal bought a mining lease in my electorate from a now discredited ...

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ICAC withheld evidence: Phelps

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption has been accused in state parliament of withholding exculpatory evidence that undermined the core of its corruption finding against jailed former Labor minister Ian Macdonald. The Liberal Party’s Peter Phelps told the state’s upper house this week that key parts of the exculpatory material ...

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