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Someone interested in upholding the rule of law and natural justice in the state of NSW- at present, the sovereign risk in this state is at an all time high...

Alan Jones fights for Innocent Victims- NuCoal

Great story by Alan Jones today interviewing Chris Merritt, Legal Affairs Editor, The Australian on the NuCoal saga. Well worth listening to- relevant story starts at approx. 51  mins into this podcast. Highlight the link below and right click then follow the Go to prompt- https://omny.fm/shows/the-alan-jones-breakfast-show/alan-jones-full-show-february-19th?t=51m28s  

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ICAC exposed yet again- Sky News Podcast

This podcast from the Outsiders today continues to highlight the rogue actions of the  ICAC and the NSW Government. The relevant section commences at approx. 17 mins into the podcast. Chris Merritt from the Australian speaks openly about many cases including NuCoal and is joined by Charif Kazal (an ICAC ...

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The truth starts to emerge!

When Peter Phelps read in this space last week about the latest incident involving the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption, he was intrigued. Thanks to a threat of defamation proceedings by former ICAC commissioner David Ipp, this newspaper was only able to provide the barest outline of serious accusations that ...

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More grist for the mill!

Australian taxpayers are facing a $260 million legal claim under the US-Australia free-trade agreement over the alleged expropriation of four gas turbines. American company APR Energy has enlisted the support of a high-profile band of US politicians, including former Republican presidential nominee hopeful Marco Rubio, to pressure the ­government to ...

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Obeids and ICAC feel blow of The Hammer in NSW Supreme Court

There is no doubt that Eddie Obeid and his sons are, by a country mile, the big losers from this week’s ruling by David Hammerschlag in the NSW Supreme Court. The Hammer demolished their case against the Independent Commission Against Corruption and he did so using language that was guaranteed ...

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Rogue body persecutes innocents via trial by media

Our common law system with all its appeals, formalities and procedures, checks and balances, hard-won evidentiary rules developed for the protection of individual liberty, may be slow and even arcane. But the hierarchy of the courts, and the many sets of eyes that review every allegation at every point, ensure ...

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NSW ICAC ‘withheld evidence’ supporting target

There are fresh accusations NSW’s Independent Commission Against Corruption held back ­evidence at a public hearing that would have undermined its ­narrative. The latest claims were raised by Newcastle businessman Andrew Poole, whose lawyers say ICAC seized documents that supported Mr Poole’s evidence but never made them public. His lawyers ...

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Former NSW police minister Mike Gallacher in disbelief over ICAC findings

Former NSW Police Minister Mike Gallacher said he “no longer has faith in our justice system” after ICAC ignored his evidence and found he had intended to evade electoral laws to funnel illegal property developer donations into the Liberal Party. In an exclusive interview with The Australian, Mr Gallacher said ...

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