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Reputational damage at heart of ICAC probe into Operation Bandicoot

In October 2014, when Bruce Lander was South Australia’s ­Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, he issued a press release with a jaw-dropping headline: “Six South Australian police officers arrested as a result of investigation headed by the ­Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.” The arrests were the result of an investigation known as ...

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Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald verdict can give clarity on official misconduct

The conspiracy trial of former NSW politicians Eddie Obeid and Ian Macdonald is drawing to a close. And it is already clear that the verdict, whatever it is, will provide guidance for government ministers and public servants about the nature of misconduct in public office. When the judgment is delivered ...

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Bleak pace of ICAC justice

In Bleak House, Charles Dickens had to invent the marathon case of Jarndyce v Jarndyce in order to poke fun at slow justice. In contemporary NSW, there is no need for such fiction. Reality is bad enough. Dickens, unlike some in NSW, was aware that justice delayed is justice denied ...

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Richard Poole an innocent man paying the price for ICAC blunder

Last month, when Richard Poole told his appalling story to a committee of the NSW parliament, he faltered, apparently close to tears. After what happened to him at the hands of the state’s anti-corruption commission, and the impact it had on his children, the politicians in that hearing room seemed ...

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