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NSW Parliamentary Enquiry into ICAC’s “Judgements” started

ICAC is back in the news with the NSW Parliament’s Committee on the ICAC – the group that oversees ICAC on behalf of the Parliament – releasing a Discussion Paper on the reputational impact on an individual being adversely named in the ICAC’s investigations.  This discussion paper was mooted last ...

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‘Frustrated and cranky’: silk’s conduct backfires on ICAC

A prominent Sydney silk had seriously damaged the standing of the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption while he was its counsel assisting and could have reduced its ability to attack corruption, a report tabled in state parliament says. Geoffrey Watson SC had adopted a sneering, contemptuous approach to his role, ...

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Mark Latham pushes case against state-sponsored theft

It’s easy to see why Mark Latham is among those who have pledged to compensate NuCoal Resources for what amounts to an act of state-sponsored theft. Latham hopes to win a seat in the NSW upper house on a platform that includes reinforcing property rights by forcing the state to ...

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NuCoal Resources Ltd – Shareholder Update

Below is a link to the Shareholder Update released to the ASX on 19 April 2018 by NuCoal Resources Ltd. 2018.04.19 Shareholder Update Gordon Galt, Chairman of NuCoal Resources Ltd has provided the following additional comments in response to the reply from Premier Berejiklian: “Despite formal correspondence and numerous requests ...

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US disputes $131m coal seizure by NSW

Australian officials have been involved in confidential talks with the US aimed at heading off a formal trade dispute over the confiscation by NSW of US-owned assets worth $131 million. Unless the affair is resolved, Australia could come under pressure from the Trump administration to agree to international arbitration aimed ...

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